Prepare for Career Day

If you want to work in the marine or composites industry, attending Career Day is an excellent way to connect with prospective employers, learn about job opportunities and in-demand skills, and expand your network. Here are tips about getting the most out of this free, one-day event that takes place at the IYRS campus in Newport, RI on Saturday, March 18, 2017.

#1 Do Your Homework Check out the list of exhibiting companies on this website. Google these companies. Figure out where they are located and what they specialize in—then make a list of the companies you want to talk with.  Having a list will help you maximize your time at Career Day.


#2 Talk with Exhibitors In 2015, companies fromall over the U.S came to Career Day because they were interested in talking with attendees. You may go to the event with a friend or family member, but don’t forget that Career Day is all about meeting new people. Talk to the companies you are interested in. Ask them about the work they do, what they look for in an employee, and their latest projects. When you introduce yourself, don’t forget to keep your head up, look the company representative in the eyes, shake his or her hand, and smile!


#3 Bring Copies of Your Resume Many exhibitors have open positions, so they’ll want to look at your resume while talking with you. Bring a folder with neat, clean copies of your resume. If you give an employer your resume, be sure to get his or her business card and follow up with them within one week.

#4 Sell Yourself Be prepared to talk about your career goals and your strengths. Practice a short answer to the question, “why should I hire you?” Don’t forget that companies are looking for employees at all levels—from skilled tradesmen and –women to those who don’t yet have experience but have a good work ethic and are willing to learn. Skills you’ve developed in other industries may also transfer to marine and composites companies.

#5 Make a Good First Impression Remember the power of first impressions and come dressed for a job interview. Your clothes should be neat and clean. Khakis, belt, pressed button-down shirt, and boat/dress shoes would make a very good first impression.

#6 Attend the Breakout Sessions!

If you have questions during the event, an IYRS or RIMTA staff member can help. See you at Career Day!


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